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Cool Towels Australia

Home of the Original Magi Cool Towels, Cooling T Shirts & More

Magi Cool Towels

Cool Towels Australia is the home of the Magi Cool Towels, the light weight towel used to keep you cool, at work, sport or really anytime. Perfect for sporting injuries, headaches, reducing body temp up to 30 degrees below body temp.

They are made from a unique micro – fibre blend that has a high water absorption, retention and wicking characteristics to maintain the cool temperature of the cloth.

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How They Work

The Original Magi Cool Towels

Fabric Cools up to 30° below body temperature

Light weight UPF 50+ protection from the sun

Verified by the Australian Governing Authority

Unique Hyper Evaporative Fibre

Absorbs and wicks sweat away from the body

Chemical Free, and Washable.

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These Magi Cool Towels are incredible. I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 30 years and I have tried many products to help cool down while exercising and nothing has ever worked like these! Such a game changer for me!!!! Don't bother using the generic ones, these are incredible!!!! Can't believe how cool they stay and for so long! So happy! I give them a 10 out of 10 rating 😊

Kylie Barker

These towels are the best, don't even attempt the imitation ones, I did and they are nothing like these one, these stay cool for ages. We love them


Bought 2 cool towels and all I can say is AWESOME. Take them everywhere with me even overseas. They are the best thing to use in the heat.


I wish I had known about these fabulous Magi Cool Towels years ago, they are amazing

Susan Fisher

Don’t worry about trying the cheaper generic ones I made that mistake, The Magi Cool Towels are by far the best, worth every cent, Thank you Cheryl

Leeane Wilkins

I cannot believe how awesome these towels are, they save the day, every warm one we have, plus my kids love them for their sport.

Glenys Tonkin

not only are the towels fantastic but they have customer service to match! highly recommend!

Rebecca Lee Knott

Love these towels, they are the best. Don’t waste your money on the knock offs, make sure you buy direct from Cool Towels Australia 👌

Dave Beckett