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My name is Cheryl and i am the owner and sole distributor of the Magi Cool Towels internationally, i am a qualified nurse and have through my nursing experience i have found that overheating in patients due to injury or illness can be quite debilitating, and in early 2005 my husband Phil was working in the mines in South Australia where the temperature is upwards of 50 degrees and they were given neck ties with gel beads to refrigerate or freeze to keep them cool, these were great initially, but after taking them out of the fridge / freezer they thawed quite quickly as your body temperature heated them up, making them no longer effective.

I then had a vision to find a product to help those in need, whether it was for work, sport, illness, injuries, menapause or just simply to keep us cool, we tested and tried dozens, measuring their cooling effectiveness a overall benefits.

That’s when we come across a manufacturer to supply us a design of cool towel to our own specification that requires minimal fuss.

You simply wet them, wring out excess water and shake the towel for 10-15 seconds and you then have yourself an ice cold towel.

Initially we only sold our Magi Cool Towels at markets and now we are at shows and events and they are also available online and sold Worldwide.

As of 1st July 2019 we have released our brand new double layer fabric that is even better and has great cooling duration, remember with these towels if they are still wet but have heated up from your body temperature all you need to do is reshake them to make them colder, this works until they are dry and require re wetting.

Our New Magi Cool Towels come in 6 fashionable colours, and colours that you the customers have been asking for. Red, Royal Blue, Black, Green, Purple and Grey.

All of the towels have the Cool Towels Australia logo on them at one end and washing instructions, the towels come in a variety of ways, generically in the pvc type bag, in a mesh bag or in a water bottle which can carry water for you whilst on the go.

We understand that there are knock offs or copy cat cooling towels on the market, that was always bound to happen, however we believe our unique fibred fabric is the best for cooling effect and duration.

Our testimonials speak for themselves.

We also have a brand new product Cool Headz these are made from the same unique material only are designed to sit on your head and tuck into your shirt for added coolness. Great for fishing, and all outdoor activities. These only come in Royal Blue.

Another new product we currently have is our Evaporative cooling caps these are designed to wet the inner lining of the hat for a couple minutes under running water, lightly wring out excess water, they can stay cool on your head from 3 – 5+ hours, a fantastic idea for those hot days or anytime you need to reduce your body temperature.