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    These Magi Cool Towels are incredible. I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 30 years and I have tried many products to help cool down while exercising and nothing has ever worked like these! Such a game changer for me!!!! Don't bother using the generic ones, these are incredible!!!! Can't believe how cool they stay and for so long! So happy! I give them a 10 out of 10 rating 😊

    These towels are the best, where have they been all my life. LOL Definitely recommend these Magi Cool Towels so much better than the generic ones. One very happy customer indeed.

    These Magi Cool Towels are genuine and really do a magnificent job of cooling you down....They are such a HUGE relief when you are feeling uncomfortably hot - the Magic of cooling towels are soooo easy to use andyou can use it anywhere, and get instant relief!!!!HIghly recommend them!!!! They are AMAZING - A truely 10 star rating 😀

    These towels are the best, don't even attempt the imitation ones, I did and they are nothing like these one, these stay cool for ages. We love them

    I bought two of these towels for my girlfriend and i at the McLaren Vale Music festival on Friday, what a treat they were, kept us cool for the afternoon and evening, where have these towels been, a must have

    These towels are a brilliant idea and have so many praactical uses. Great to throw in a bag and keep on hand to soothe children's or adult's unexpected bumps, ease the pain of insect bites or beach jellyfish stings, relieve headaches.... the list goes on! No more having to lug heavy ice bricks around and have to find a way to keep them frozen.

    I work outdoors and were recommended these towels, I was at first very sceptical, until I saw them in action, but these towels are really something. Thank you Cool Towels Australia

    Absolutely brilliant towels, we use them whilse camping. Perfect while setting up, but no fun in 45 deg heat with a grumpy husband.....
    Cools us all down a treat and is an absolute godsend!
    Any sceptics, give them a go, you wont regret it!

    These towels are becoming the #1 necessity that everyone should own. It even helped cool My Grand daughter down at end of school, she was so hot, usually she says it makes her to cold. Today she was so glad that I wrapped it round her neck and tucked it into her top. Lol, then we used it to cool down the seat belt so it didn't burn her when it was placed across her body, this little towel is honestly one of the best things i've ever bought, its amazing.

    What the..... These towels are amazing, the demonstration was great i was speechless. lol

    These towels are the best, I use them at work, can’t believe how well they work. A++++

    Bought 2 cool towels and all I can say is AWESOME. Take them everywhere with me even overseas. They are the best thing to use in the heat.

    What a fantastic product, it really does work. I am ever so pleased

    Unbelievable product, I can't believe how cold these towels get, perfect for summer

    These towels are amazing! I have purchased 3 of them to keep one at work, one at home and one at my beach shack. I suffer very badly from the heat and these towels have reduced my body temperature and taken the redness from my face. I have shown them to everyone I know...what a perfect gift to give to someone special!

    I wish I had known about these fabulous Magi Cool Towels years ago, they are amazing

    Love love love these towels, HIGHLY recommend

    Don’t worry about trying the cheaper generic ones I made that mistake, The Magi Cool Towels are by far the best, worth every cent, Thank you Cheryl

    These towels are amazing. I purchased one for myself, hubby and mother in law. Having just had a baby i am constantly hot, mother in law has health issues so sweats even on cool days, hubby works outdoors. All i can say is these towels are a lifesaver. We all love them. Ordering process was also fantastic. Thank you so much x

    I cannot believe how awesome these towels are, they save the day, every warm one we have, plus my kids love them for their sport.

    not only are the towels fantastic but they have customer service to match! highly recommend!

    Love these towels, they are the best. Don’t waste your money on the knock offs, make sure you buy direct from Cool Towels Australia 👌

    These are the best invention ever, do exactly as they say they will, i even use them for our native animal rescues, and our dog thinks they are pretty good too. I have bought several and given them to family and friends, the recent heatwave we are having would have been alot worse without them.