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Do the towels contain chemicals?

Absolutely not they are a unique hyper- evaporative fabric

What are the towels made of?

They are made of Polyester

How do the towels work?

They are made from a unique hyper evaporative fibre that you simply wet, wring and shake for approx 10 sec, this process will then create an ice cold towel.

Are the towels in the bottle the same towels as in the packets?

They are exactly the same towels just packaged either in a packet or bottle

How do I wash the towels?

The Towels can be washed normally in the machine in a warm wash, we recommend storing the towels dry, don’t store them away wet, they may smell otherwise.

Have these towels been UPF tested

Yes they have, they have been tested by the Australian Government Authority and are verified as UPF 50+

Certification can be provided upon request